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Alport Castles Outlying Barn repair - Hucklow Lees Barn

We were commissioned by the National Trust in 2019 to prop and support this outlying barn to prevent it from collapsing, the trust are dedicated to protecting outlying barns.

We propped the barn using push pull props and ground anchors holding timber resin fixed to the stone work. Due to the covid pandemic we had to wait till 2021 to start our repair work on the barn, the barns location was both a challenge and joy as it is located in one of the most beautiful remote valleys in the Peak District, up rough track through a farm yard then the barn was on the opposite side the valley which required a river to be forded and then across a wet field. We utilised one of our track dumpers and excavators to enable us to get materials and scaffold to the job. We specialise in difficult jobs and have the solutions on hand to get them done successfully to a high standard.

Once the scaffold was up we removed the old stone work and then rebuilt the stone using a special lime mortar mixed in our forced action mixer, we also had to replace some oak beams with new 6x6 oak beams.

And then tidy up the site from the detritus left by a previous contractor who’d done the roof repairs, given the barn was still in use by cattle we graded off surrounding area and handed back to the cattle.

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