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New Mills Landscaping, retaining wall and extension foundations.

We were commissioned by a client who'd been let down by previous contractor who'd started the job but then failed to progress it and the clients had had to seek legal action. The clients also added in a garden room rear extension to take advantage of their stunning view of Kinder scout.

We installed a 150mm thick by 2m high reinforced concrete wall, then clad in 150mm of stone and flag copings. created a raised patio to maximise the view and laid sandstone paving to 120m2. We installed the foundations and floor slabs for the extension and built the steps and a reinforced concrete pad for the client to split firewood on.

While we pulled off the job to allow specialist to glaze the extension we protected our paving with our ground protection sheets, returning to finish up once the other trades had finished.

A job we and the clients are very proud of leaving them with a fantastic space and extension they can enjoy their house for another 20 years. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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