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Luxury holiday let - lime repointing

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We recently completed all the exterior work, landscaping and service installation for the national trust on a trio of new holiday cottages. There will be a full blog post on that but it was over 14 months of work so a lot to cover.

Attempting to work along side the contractor awarded the structure and internal fit out we were constantly challenged by their ineptitude and poor management. Which leads us to 6 months after leaving site we are back to do a job in a 5 day window between guests that the other contractor had over a year to do but had no experience or knowledge of stone or lime!

Given the short time frame we were going to use our scissor lifts to save time scaffolding but being late September we needed the scaffold structure to sheet and hessian the mortar to protect it while it cures.

We utilised our in house layher scaffold system to streamline the job and remain in full control.

We completed the job on time and it looks fantastic now.

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